Budgerigars in Sussex

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About Us:

Founded in 1970, with its first AGM in 1971, the Sussex Budgerigar Society has been one of the foremost societies in Sussex for keepers, breeders, and exhibitors of budgerigars.

Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at Lancing Parish Hall, South Street ,Lancing, West Sussex, BN15 8AJ; except July & December 

commencing at 7-45pm untill 10-00pm. (No meeting in July due to President's BBQ  or December due to Christmas Dinner).

Speakers attend most meetings and there is a bird table show competition at each meeting (3 birds maximum).

At the April meeting we have a Bar head & Young bird show, and in August we hold our Members show at Lancing on a Saturday (see programme for dates).

During the summer months we hold a BBQ, and also visit members and breeders outside the area on aviary visits.

We are very interested in NEW MEMBERS joining and you  ARE VERY WELCOME to come along to any meeting and try us out


Sussex BS and Seed: 

The society offers orders of seed usually every 3 months to its members which come straight from the supplier 'Country Wide' in order to reduce the cost for the members.

An extra 50p per bag is added on to the standard rate in order to gain funds for the society to hold events like the southern classic show and go towards our meetings

Prices are as shown below and orders or inquiries should be sent to Malcolm Parsons via


Special Budgie (20% Canary & 80% Mixed Millet) 20Kg£14.50
Society Budgie (40% Canary & 60% Mixed Millet)
 20Kg £15.50 
 Best Budgie (50% Canary & 50% White Millet) 20Kg£15.50
 Champion Budgie (60% Canary & 40% Mixed Millet) 20Kg£16.50
 SAM1 Budgie Mix 20Kg£17.00
 SAM1 Ultimate Start Mix 20Kg £19.00 
 Reaney Budgie Breeders Mix 20Kg £18.00 
 VAM Budgie Breeders Mix 20Kg £20.00 
 Tonic Seed 15Kg £17.00 
Germination Seed  15Kg £15.50
Groats  25Kg £16.70
Naked Oats 25Kg £14.50
Japanese Millet  13Kg £17.00
Panicum Millet  20Kg £15.50
Yellow Millet  20Kg £10.50
White Millet 20Kg £11.50
Beyers Dakota Pearl White Millet  25Kg £19.50
Mixed Millet  20Kg £17.50
Plain Canary  20Kg £15.50
Beyers Canadian Canary Seed Extra  25Kg £25.50
Chinese Millet Sprays 10"/12"  15Kg Box £28.50
French Red Anjou Millet Sprays  25Kg Box £80.50
Garden Wild Bird  20Kg £10.50
Versele Laga Grit+Coral  20Kg £13.75
Orlux Egg Food - Dry  5Kg £19.50
Orlux Egg Food- Wet  5Kg £20.00
 Gold Chip Cage & Aviary Bedding Original  12.5Kg £16.70
Vanodine V18 Germicide  1 Ltr


Annual subscriptions are as follows:-

Partners (Different Addresses)
£12 each
Partners (Same Address)
Seniors (Over 65)
Juniors (16 or Under)

Click here for a PDF of our 2018 membership form Sussex Membership Form 2018.pdf

Please e-mail to request a membership form via post or the Chairman if you require any additional information